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The One Stop Shop Solution for Audio

We provide high quality recording facility & services. Further assist you in Creating a Grand Output for your Music. We have never settled for mediocre sound & have believed in delivering you the best by reflecting your emotions through our sound.

The Studio

The Story

After completing his course in Audio Engineering from WAPA Music (Sister concern of KM Music Conservatory {A.R.Rahman's School of Music} in Chennai) and working with the top most Music Composers, Music Directors, Audio Engineers in Chennai and acquiring all the knowledge and techniques from the masters, Ramanan came back to New Delhi with a bright idea of setting up his own Audio Recording Studio.


Initially the idea of the studio was more of a "Project Studio"/"Personal Studio" based, however, after understanding the increasing need and requirement of a good sound studio in the city, "Arcube Records" was brought to life, accompanied by his friends Sahil Dhingra and Raghav Prabhakar. 


An initiative to help musicians and music lovers and writers to produce high quality digital sound. Arcube Records was established on the 15th of January, 2011 and has been successfully operating since then. Since the cost was affordable and the quality was unmatched, more and more bands and artists knocked the door to get their songs recorded by Arcube Records.


Apart from helping out bands and producing songs for artists, Arcube Records has also done a couple of low budget films by some amazing film makers in the city and other states of the country. Even though the movies were in a smaller scale and budget, the sound created and produced were massive and rich.


Ramanan Venkatraman has also been taking "Audio Engineering / Music Production" classes at the studio. Though he has never believed in grades, marks and certificates, he is still providing his students with a certificate of excellence and performance as soon as they complete the course. The course is for 3 - 6 months and is open for all. No specific qualification is required, except for the passion for doing it. Giving the most affordable price to do the course and the best of environment to practice and learn, his dream of creating better engineers is getting fulfilled.


At present Arcube Records has the following people associated and is proud to announce their names and showcase them: -


- Raghav Prabhakar : A young keyboard player handing the financial records of the studio.

- Rangarajan Venkatraman : One of the leading Bass Players of Delhi.


- Ramanan Venkatraman : The Mix and Mastering Engineer of the studio.

Hence R(Cube)..



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