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Ven Ram (Ramanan Venkatraman) is a New Delhi, India based guitar player. As a professional musician and composer, he has performed in various platforms across India and has a library of several compositions, ranging from Heavy Metal Genre to World Music Genre, in his name.

As a gesture of appreciation for the work he has done as a guitar player, he was offered an endorsement deal by the most known and world renowned guitar manufacturing company, Ibanez in 2013.



Ram has worked with the finest artist and composers of the music industry from Chennai & Mumbai, India as a session guitar player and key composer in various instances. His humility and diversity of knowledge in the field of composing and arranging has been appreciated by every artist, composer & music director he has worked with. 

He is also well known for his unique style of playing the instrument which has been deciphered by various media as a beautiful blend of Indian Classical and Western Rock. Owing to his diverse idea of music many acclaimed artists have collaborated with Ram in several projects.

As a guitar player, Ram is a part of Dementia India (Progressive Metal band), Perfect Harmony (World Music Trio) & The Trio (World Music Fusion band)

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VEN Ram's Story

It all started when Rangarajan (Ram's Younger Brother) insisted on joining  guitar classes with his friends from a very renowned musician, Gautam Lahiri . At that time financial constraints allowed only either of them to join classes.


Ranga started learning and the eagerness to learn grew stronger in Ram as days went by.

Ram taught himself the basics by observing his brother and learnt from him,  whatever he was taught during his lessons.


Ram spent hours trying to figure out everything he could with the basic knowledge passed on by Ranga occasionally. He spent countless hours discovering new techniques and finger practices. Eventually he achieved some proficiency simply with self imposed practice challenges. 

"I learnt it myself, is a statement I can claim rightfully but I think it would have been so much easier and faster , if I have taken some guidance. I am proud of the fact that things worked out fine, but I still feel that maybe I could have done it slightly faster than this" says Ram.

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