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Ramanan is one of the founding members of Dementia India. He is the rhythm and lead guitar player of his band.  


DEMENTIA INDIA is a progressive band based in New Delhi.  Dementia India has always had varied inspirations in music, thus giving its compositions, an edge over most other musicians and bands of their genre. Their sound has a distinct mix of progressive, groove, thrash & Indian influences. The current line-up has been performing successfully, for over a year.  Since its inception Dementia has aspired to compose original music, which is, the bands biggest strength. Dementia India has been lauded for its musical superiority and maturity . Dementia as a band and the members of the band individually, have time and again proven their virtuosity with unmatched technical skills and advanced musicality.

Line Up

- Raghav Prabhakar - Keyboards

- Rangarajan Venkatraman - Bass Guitar & Vocals

- Saurabh Roy Choudhury - Lead Vocals

- Reet Mukherjee - Drums

- Ven Ram - Lead/Rhythm Guitar & Vocals


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