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Perfect Harmony is a collaborative effort  between two brothers exploring their creativity without boundaries. It evolved from the varied influences and uninhibited flow of musical experiment.

Rangarajan Venkatraman (Vocals and Bass) 
Ranga is a New Delhi based musician, songwriter, sequencer. His journey of music started at the age of six with Carnatic Vocal training. It remains till today one of his biggest musical influences.
 Rangarajan was fortunate to have Gautam Lahiri, a very renowned artist in the capital, as his first guitar guide. Several years of disciplined training in Indian Classical Music also opened up a new world for his creativity with the guitar.  Rangarajan is considered as one of the best bass guitar players in New Delhi and is very well known for his technical knowledge and the style of playing the instrument. In Perfect Harmony, he is the composer , bass guitarist and vocalist. 

Ramanan Venkatraman (Vocals & Guitars)

Ramanan is the producer and songwriter for Perfect Harmony His diverse knowledge of production helps him experiment with sounds and gives the music a touch of electronic music, however his influence of Carnatic music is subtly interspersed with his guitar playing.



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